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About Iguaz˙ Falls

Located at the tri-country border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay this magical sight is known variously as Iguaz˙ Fall, Iguassu Falls, Iguašu Falls or Y █asu.  In Spanish and Portuguese we are Cataratas del Iguaz˙ and Cataratas do Iguašu respectively.  Named in 2012 as one of the Modern Seven Natural Wonders of the world by UNESCO the has been known to Europeans since the 14th century, but to the indigenous population for thousands of years more.

Today we welcome visitors from our three countries, from the whole of the Americas and from the whole world those who wish to see not just the Most Amazing Falls of the World, but the rich ethnic and biological diversity of the forests of Iguaz˙ Park.

Visit Iguaz˙ Falls as we call it today!


While many visit, few discuss except from one limited perspective, and so the information available has always been biased and restricted. We therefore decided that it would be best to have a website that gave all the essential facts about visiting the falls, how to get here, how to stay and see the best things, what to do while here to appreciate the wider area, being not dedicated to any one side.

We do very much hope that you will find this site informative!

Do contact us if you have any thoughts on other things that we should explain or discuss!