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Ciudad del Este

Literally the "Eastern City" this is indeed the most important city on the east of Paraguay.  Cross over the Friendship Bridge from Brazil and enjoy this authentically Paraguayan city, the second largest in the country!

Make your two-country visit into a three-some by experiencing some of the specialties of the country which are best found here in Paraguay.

Visit the Zoological and cultural Museum, visit the nearby Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam, or just shop till you drop on San Blas and Camilo Recalde with the many visitors from Brazil, Argentina and the rest of the world! Goods are often cheaper here than in the neighboring countries so don't be surprised to see are regional local visitors, from other countries around the region, stocking up on luxury goods or even daily necessities.

Visit the new Shopping Del Este mall, the more traditional market stalls of Paseo San Blas on Avn San Blas or the old reliable Shopping Vendome multi-level store

Enjoy authentic Paraguayan food, but also a very wide range of international favorites. As one of the major cities of Paraguay Ciudad del Este attracts immigrants from all over the world, and of course they bring with them the highlights of their national cuisines.

Enjoy authentic middle eastern Lebanese food, Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes.   Explore the area around Av. Boqueron where it meets Adrian Jara for some of the best Far Eastern options. Most of them are above street level and not readily visible so look up for the signs on buildings for guidance.

As common elsewhere in Latina America street food such as asado, a type of grilled Beef can also be found particularly at night. Typically served with salad, bread and beer it makes a filling snack or even a dinner. Find some of the best street vendors around Cap Miranda.

Take a bus from the Brazilian side, or simply walk across the bridge. Passport formalities are generally ignored and you can continue to use the currency of your choice while in Este as the whole city is well blended economically with its neighbor and all shops and restaurants, even street vendors, can accept and provide change in a variety of currencies.