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Dining at and near the Iguaz˙ Falls

Overlooking the falls

There are several places where you can have a meal while watching the falls, not including picnicking of course which can be done many places on both sides of the water.  But for a full meal there are only a few choices:

Most prominent must be La Selva, on the Argentina side, which is an all you can eat buffet for only 120 Pesos including a wide range of freshly BBQ meats, local fruits and vegetables. While very crowded at times it can't be bettered for a view. Eat inside for comfort, or better yet go out onto the patio to overlook the waters with your meal. website

In the Sheraton Hotel is the Garganta del Diablo Restaurant, which overlooks the Devils' Throat Fall with the same name. Don't forget to ask for a window seat!  website

For a great budget all you can eat restaurant experience try Fortin Cataratas, which has not just meats but many other interesting dishes. website

In Brazil you shouldn't miss the chance of eating at the Itaipu Restaurant of the Hotel das Cataratas. With creative foods in a formal restaurant, with unbeatable views. It serves a mix of Brazilian and international dishes all presented attractively and paired with good wines. Try the cod fish confit with roasted potato slices and vegetables, garlic foam and tapenade! Of course ask for a table on the terrace overlooking the falls. website

In town

Visit Aqva in Puerto Iguaz˙ for the best local fish in the area, not fancy at all. Simple but elegant food, focusing on the local produce. Make sure to try the Dorado which is a local fish or ask your waiter for a recommendation. website

Or try Pescaderia Barbarita for more fish choices.  Try the Catfish (Surubi) in Blue Cheese Sauce for an authentic simple dish in a simple location.

If meat and more meat is more your thing then you won't want to miss out on visiting El Quincho Del Tio Querido Parrilla which has a great range of traditional meat dishes. website


Of course the park is a perfect place to have a picnic, stock up on fresh fruits, bread and meats at the market in town, then take them into the park to enjoy your food while watching the falls.