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History of Iguaz˙ Falls, Argentina and Brazil

1542,  ┴lvar N˙˝ez Cabeza de Vaca, first European to find the falls

1609, Arrival of Jesuits who establish the first Christian missions

1876, Campaign started by AndrÚ Reboušas to establish protection for the falls

1881, European settlers establish the first settlements nearby, although the Indians had been here previously

1934, Iguaz˙ National Park created on the Argentine side

1939, Iguašu National Park on the Brazilian side is created by presidential decree

1942,  Park boundaries expanded to present extents

1984, Itaipu Dam starts operation just upstream of the falls, allow regularities of the water flow.

1986, Declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity

2011, Declared one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World by UNESCO