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Puerto Iguaz˙ is the town where you arrive on the Argentinean side, there are some interesting museums and sights .

Guira Oga - An animal reserve and rehabilitation center, this fascinating place gives a great chance to get up close to some of the wildlife of the area. website

Jardin de los Picaflores - A beautiful private garden which hosts up to 8 varieties of wild hummingbirds who can be seen feeding daily. website

La Aripuca - Understand the life of the native Guarani culture as they live in harmony with nature when you visit these ecologically themed park. A great place to visit with children it is just outside the city and easily accessible by taxi. Be amazed by the giant wood structures that combine natural tree trunks into buildings and human habitations.  See local ethnic crafts being made and used. website

Crafts market - On the Avenue of the Three Borders, just outside the Municipalidad de Puerto Iguaz˙ building, you will find many local handcrafts for sale.

San Ignacio MinÝ - This four hundred year old Jesuit settlement is now a ruin, but well preserved and partially restored since it's rediscover 150 years ago. Outside the city proper they are best visited as part of an organized tour who will be able to reach them in good time making it a day trip. website

In the nearby town of Foz do Iguašu you will find SelvaViva Bird park (website) is very popular with younger visitors and you will often see families, school outings and even local residents who are taking their kids there for a birthday party!  Closed Mondays and open only in the afternoon on Sunday.

The Triple Frontier can also be seen of course from all three countries.  In Brazil there is a nice viewing platform called Espašo das AmÚricas, which gives a good view across the river.  But try viewing from all three sides to get the full experience.

Also consider visiting the Itaipu Dam, the largest operational hydroelectric power plant in the world.