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Which side to visit?

Being a waterfall on a river of course it would seem that one of the first choices is to decide which site to view. And with our falls actually straddling an international border, hence with concerns about Visa and legal entry requirements, there might be a thought that you have to choose one side rather than the other.

Both sides have great views of the falls, visitors centers to provide information, and plentiful facilities for the tourist.

The Argentine side allows you to get the closest on walkways to the rushing water, and is part of a total experience of the appreciating the whole forest environment with natural trails.  But by being more distant the Brazilian side actually gives a better view particularly for panoramic images.

In practice the whole area is closer than the area is to the other parts of the three respective countries, so although the international border is real and is policed it is rarely a barrier to the visitor.

Most visitors arrive first on the Brazilian side, because that has the most convenient flights, then visit the falls both on that side for the great open views of the falls and then on another day visit Argentina for the very up-close access, including getting very wet!

Lastly a shopping trip to the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este completes a three country visit.

While it is possible to visit all three countries in a day tow two, why not relax and enjoy the atmosphere not only of the falls themselves, the National Parks in which it is located, and the delights of the three local cities.